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Open hours: Monday - Friday 9am EST - 5:30pm EST Saturday 9am EST - 2pm EST.

The best way to contact us is normally going to be through email.  We are not in the office regularly as we are out testing firearms, looking for deals on inventory, and DuraCoating firearms.  You are welcome to call, but it might be 24hrs before we can get back to you if we are not in.  We will normally return emails the same evening if we have been out of the office.

Yes, but there is a limited quantity each day.

Generally…no.  However, if you have sent your firearm to us to DuraCoat, ATF will allow us to return it to the same person at the same shipping address from which it was sent since you already own the firearm (ATF code 478.147, 478.124(a) ).

DuraCoat is a sort of Epoxy.  It has elastic properties, high impact and wear resistance, and extremely high corrosion resistance.  It can be applied to pretty much any surface when it is prepared correctly.  DuraCoat is also offered in a large variety of colors.  Pretty much…it is really cool stuff!

Well that sucks!  The law is probably looking for you anyway.  On your way out of the FFL, tell them to use the return label that we shipped the firearm with.  We will refund everything but the freight both ways and our 15% restocking fee.

Stop breaking the law!  If you don’t know what your local or state laws are…don’t buy it.  But if you insist on trying…tell the transferring FFL to use our return labels and ship it back.  We will refund everything but the freight both ways and our 15% restocking fee.

Yep!  Call us or send us an email, and we will go through your DuraCoat options and what you need to do to send us your firearm.

Call us!  If it is something that we can assist you with instead of sending you to the manufacturer, we will.  Worst case scenario, we will give you the contact information for the manufacturer.