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By purchasing merchandise from T & Z Armory Inc. you agree to all of the following terms and conditions of use associated with

Firearm Sales:

All firearm sales are final (see “Returns” for exceptions).  All sales of firearms and receivers must be sent directly to an FFL.  All firearms must be transferred to the purchaser of the firearm.  This means that credit card holder is required to be the person who serves as the transferee.  All purchases of handguns require that purchaser be at least 21 years of age.  Purchases of long guns require that the purchaser be at least 18 years of age.   For your order to be processed, you will need to furnish a copy of the license and contact information for the “ship to licensed dealer.”  The cost of firearms purchased from T & Z Armory Inc. will include the cost of the product, any shipping costs, and any and all applicable state or local taxes.  All of these charges are itemized at the time of purchase and will be included on the invoice.  Transfer fees due to transferring dealers are not included in the price and will be paid directly to the transferring dealer at the time of transfer.  T & Z Amory Inc. does not limit the firearms that can be purchased based on the state in which the purchaser lives.  We try to stay up on state level laws, but they are constantly changing, and by ordering you are implying that you are able to possess the firearm, ammunition, or accessories that you have ordered legally in your state.  If a firearm is purchased and is not able to be transferred to the purchaser due to NICS denial, illegal firearm in that state, underage purchaser, etc. the purchaser will be responsible for return shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee.

Accessory sales:

Sales of accessories can be sent directly to the purchaser and do not need to be sent to a licensed dealer.  We do require that the billing address and the shipping address match for the delivery of the shipment.  If for any reason there is a different billing address and shipping address, please contact our customer service team at 866.261.4192 and one of our team members can address the order on a case by case basis.  We will not ship to a P.O. Box, A UPS store, or similar mailbox style locations.  Ammunition will require the signature of a person at least 21 years of age.

Duracoating Services:

Duracoating services are provided and will require roughly 7-10 days for service to be rendered on product shipped into T & Z Armory Inc.  On items listed as already duracoated on, please allow for an additional 3-5 days for processing of order and shipment.  Duracoat finishes will be warranted by T & Z Armory Inc. for five years including materials and labor.  All warranty inquiries should be address through our customer service team before warranty can be confirmed.  This is to ensure that the issue is due to improper application or product failure, not misuse or abuse of the firearm or duracoated surface.  ATF will allow us to accept and return the firearm to its original owner at the address from which the firearm was shipped. (ATF code 478.147, 478.124(a) )  It is not necessary to ship the firearm back to a licensed dealer.  On all new duracoated firearms purchased from T & Z Armory Inc. the firearm must be shipped to a licensed dealer for transfer.  All DuraCoated firearms are considered a special order firearm.  If you wish to cancel an order that contains DuraCoat services, you must call to confirm services have not been completed.  At such time, if services have not been started, the order can be cancled and the entire purchase price will be refunded.  If services have been completed or started, the cost of the firearm and shipping costs will be the only portion of the order refunded.  All DuraCoating costs or special order items assosicated with the order will not be eligable for refund.


All returns will require a return authorization number which can be obtained from our customer service department at 866.261.4192.  If the product is being returned due to an incorrect shipment or damage, the product will be replaced and returned to the purchaser at no charge to the customer.  If the product is being returned for reasons other than incorrect product or damaged items, customers will be responsible for return shipping and 15% restocking fee.  Most warranties on firearms and accessories will be processed through the manufacture of the product directly, but there may some instances where T & Z Armory Inc. will be able to assist with a warranty claim.  Firearm purchases that arrive to the transferring dealer and can not be completed will be returned and a refund will be issued to the customer for credit less freight costs inbound and outbound, and a 15% restocking fee.

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