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“Boca Biscus” Glock 43 9mm

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The G43 is our new single stack 9mm pistol. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in GLOCK history. Designed to be the favored back up or last resort option for both civilian and law enforcement use, this subcompact slimline design is the perfectly balanced answer to your everyday concealed carry needs. It is ultra-concealable, accurate and comfortable for all shooters regardless of hand size.

When it comes to size and comfort, the all new G43 provides the best of both worlds. Typically, with handguns of this dimension, the design of the pistol does a poor job of resolving issues concerning felt recoil. This can cause discomfort for shooters who are not familiar with shooting smaller framed pistols. Seasoned shooters are familiar with this and adjust their grip, but have to work harder to keep the pistol on target for follow-up shots. The design of the new G43 allow for a more comfortable and confident shooting experience for all types of users.


Item #: PI-43502-01
UPC_Code: 764503002533
Description: GLK 43 9MM PST 6RD FS
Manufacturer: Glock
Model #: 43
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Black Matte
Stock: Polymer
Sights: FT: White Dot RR: White Outline
Barrel: 3.39″
Overall Length: 6.26″
Weight: 16.19 oz
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6+1
Action: Safe Action
# of Mags: 2
Packaging: Black Plastic Case
Receiver: Black Polymer
Width 1.02

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1 review for “Boca Biscus” Glock 43 9mm

  1. lyness_m

    Saw a picture of these a few years back and spent a long time trying to find who did them. Found t&z armory, contacted them, made the purchase, and could not be happier with the job they did on the g43.

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